Monday, 29 July 2013

Car Boot Sale Bargain Haul

Ok so I go to car boot sales nearly every Sunday morning (I know, I'm sad...) and I've found some of the best bargains recently. If you're not familiar with car boot sales, they're basically where people go to a field to sell a load of their unwanted things, from furniture to clothes and everything in between! Honestly, about 98% of the stuff there is a load of crap but occasionally you find an amazing bargain and i'm going to share with you the best bits I've found in the last couple of months...

The first item is this Chanel Infrarouge lipstick in shade 12 Crystal.
I'm not sure how much this is new but I got it for only £2! It's a lovely light pink colour with silver glitter all the way through it. All make up I buy at car boot sales, I either cut off the top (for lipsticks), wash the wands (for lipglosses) or scrape the top layer off (for concealers). I also (I know this sounds so bad...) look at the sellers of the makeup and decide if I should buy it or not. 

The next 2 items I got were these Mac Lipglass lipglosses in shades C-Thru (top one) and Spirited (bottom)
The RRP for these are £14 each and I got both for £3! C-thru is a pinky peach nude tone lipgloss with a little sparkle to it. I love Macs lipglasses as they're not sticky like other lipglosses and I find they stay on for quite a while. The other shade is Spirited which I think is discontinued and is a nude bronze-y colour which is fairly sheer, I'm not too sure on this colour as it doesn't suit my skin tone so I think i'll just stick with the other one.

I got these Chanel Glossimer lipglosses for £2 each instead the RRP price of £21 each! 
The one on the left is in shade 407 and the right is 12, I'm completely in love with these and they both are so glossy and glittery. The one on the left is a sheer pink with glitter and the one on the right is a very pale pink with less glitter in than 407.

I had wanted to try the Rimmel London Apocalips after I had seen a few youtubers and bloggers talking about how great they are. 
I got these both for brand new for £1.50 instead of £5.99! The shade on the top is Apocaliptic and the bottom is Stellar. Apocalips are basically a liquid lipstick, the formula of these are so amazing as they're not sticky, so glossy and stay on all day and also he applicators are super easy to use!

I got this Chanel Chance Shimmer Touch for £2 instead of around £40 so a massive bargain!
When I got this I wasn't quite sure what it is but bought it anyways because, you know, it's Chanel! I now know that it's a glittery gel version of their perfume, Chanel Chance. It smell amaaazing and I wear it very often. 

I got these Mac eyeshadows for £1 for both instead of an RRP of £12.50. 
The left is Nocturnelle and the right is Sumptuous Olive. There are SO many fake Mac products out there so I did a bit of research and so now I know how to tell a fake product from the real ones. Nocturnelle is a frost finish and is a deep purple with a light shimmer to it, Sumptious Olive is a Vuluxe Pearl finish and is a shimmery golden green colour.

I got this Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hr creme eyeshadow brand new for £1.50 instead of £4.99.
It's in the shade 20 Turquoise Forever and I haven't actually used it yet but from what I have read, they are great affordable dupes for Mac's paint pots. The colour I got is a very bright and pigmented silver shimmery turquoise. 

I am in love with YSL Blush Variation and I got it for only £2 instead of $44
This blusher contains 2 different pinky shades, 1 matte and 1 shimmery and suites my skin tone quite well. Both shades are quite a deep plum-y pink with 1 being quite iridescent. 

This American Apparel skirt is one of my favourite buys from car boot sales. It's the Corduroy Circle skirt and I got it for £1 instead of £44. The one in the picture isn't actually the one I got for £1, it's another one I bought on Ebay for around £10. The other one I got at the car boot sale was a light peachy pink colour and I l o v e it! It looks great with American Apparel leotards teamed with my much loved Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes

Okay now this is my favourite buy. I got this last week from a dealer who is there every week with different brand new clothes. It's a all over sequin crop top from Topshop and had a RRP of £45 but I got it for £7. The sequins are a blue-y holographic colour which change colour when in the light. It really reminds me of a blue version of the crop that Rihanna wore the other week which I completely loved!

And that's it! Those are my favourite bits I have got from car boot sales recently and hopefully I will be finding some more bargains. Hope you enjoyed reading, 

Millie x


  1. I never find any good makeup at car boot sales!! I wish I could find even one of these things, lucky!!

    xx Chloe

  2. Best bargain I got from a carboot make up wise was Bobbie Brown and Clinique foundation for a pound, both full and real!
    Really want to know where you go though!

    1. I just go to all different ones around Hertfordshire :)

  3. Oh my goodness these are really great bargains ! x

  4. I love carboot sales! I got an estee lauder face toner, lots of body shop stuff as well as lipsticks, oh and urban decay powder!
    Can i ask, where exacly is the carboot sale you got these things?:)